Thursday, May 08, 2008

Conference: Understanding the South

I'll be giving a paper at the forthcoming Understanding the South, Understanding Modern America: The American South in Regional, National and Global Perspectives, hosted by the University of Manchester (May 22-24). You can read an abstract of my paper, "Bring Our Country Back: Country Music, The Southern Strategy and the 1968 Presidential Election", here.


hazenpeck22 said...

Hello, my name is reece peck. I'm fourth year grad student at the department of communication at UCSD. My research looks at the relationship between conservative populism and country music. I'm especially interested in American conceptions of class. I'm actually writing a paper on Wallace, Nixon, and Country Music. You're paper looks really good. If it's published, where could I find it. Have you read J. Lester Feder's Song of the South?
have a good one and keep up the good work

Blackleg said...

Thanks for your interest. I'll let it be known here as and when the article sees the light of day (though I can send you a preview if you mail me your e-mail address). I haven't read Feder's Song of the South, but I'll have a look for it now. I did come across a good piece he did for npr ( and for American Prospect ( Good luck with your work.