Sunday, August 03, 2008

Flush Fred

I've just returned from a research trip to St. Louis, Hannibal, New Orleans and New York. I'll be posting some press clippings of the first part of the trip later. First, however, I'm posting some of the fruits of the New Orleans leg. As preparation for my forthcoming anthology of nineteenth century gambling stories from the Mississippi River (Louisiana State University Press), I travelled to Tulane University to take a look at one of the last remaining copies of Edward Willett's Flush Fred's Full Hand, published in 1884 by Beadle & Adams, New York. This classic story of heroic riverboat gambler Flush Fred wasn't in good shape, so it seemed like a good idea to preserve it digitally. Below, I've put together a flickr set of page photos, cover to cover.

Publication information, as well as details of Flush Fred's other appearances, can be found here.

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