Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On Tour

Throughout February I'm embarking on what has turned out to be something of a micro-tour.
♠ On February 6th I'll speaking about Joseph Thompson Hare and other Transatlantic outlaws at Oxford University's new Transatlantic Literature in Context seminar series. English Faculty Seminar Room B, 5-6.30pm.
 On February 13th I'll be speaking at the University of Hertfordshire, about Mark Twain, the Mississippi, and other river writings in the decade after the Civil War. Details to follow.
♠ And on February 20th, I'll be talking about Twain again, this time at the University of Birmingham. Details are available here - Arts Building, Room 439, 4pm.
If you're attached to, or in the vicinity of, any of those institutions, come and say hello. Looking forward to it.

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